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Chanel No. 5 on the rocks

I hope that Obama actually has an opportunity to see this video and laughs his head off.


This is awesome. It's like a gelding clinic for humans. :D

I get it and I get the loop hole. If he was convicted in federal court, shouldn't that override his state rights or access to evidence that is of such a nature even if he is representing himself? A new legal precedent should be established over this, I think. ...because what I think matters blah, blah etc.

FB friends know about this already. This is a different photo than the one I posted on FB.

Yep, that is what it looks like. A horse tied to a twig in a nylon halter/lead rope in a busy parking lot on a busy street in Redmond, WA. I pulled in as this little Paso-nag was nipping at a kid. People are dumb and "PONY!!" is way more important than personal safety. Random people walked up behind it and in front of it to pet it as the horse shifted his weight and moved away from people touching his face. Good job...there wasn't an accident in the parking lot or the road causing the flight animal to you know, flee. The horse didn't get loose or hit by a texting/talking driver...so yeah, way to go there Ace.

The douchebag that risked his speshul horsey called me an ass and willfully ignorant for not recognizing the genius of his training methods. Oh yeah, I'm taking that to heart. Heh, sorry I don't leave my ponies unattended in busy parking lots and just hope for the best. Apparently this makes me a bad trainer too. L.O.L. According to him, we should all aspire to leave our horses unattended in busy parking lots as a sign of our mad training skillz. I don't know about you, but umm...I'm gonna get right on that. Oh wait, I'm not stupid. Nevermind.

While he thinks he is the trainer we should all aspire to be, a friend knows [of] this guy and his supa speshul pony likes to nearly dump him in the dust on a regular basis. I'm pretty sure there is some basic training that could fix that issue. But hey, what do I know?

Well, I may not be the best trainer on the planet -and I never claimed to be, or even claimed to be a trainer for that matter- but people do not leave the arena when I enter it. Nor do I need all sorts of extra fancy tack to go for a hack. I don't even need fancy tack to jump. At most I will use a correctly fitted a martingale. What the hell does he have on his horse? I guess Mr. D-bag (blue shirt) and I will just have to agree to disagree about his training methods.

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I spend a lot of time researching topics to support and develop my ideas for research papers. When I see something so concise and spot on, I see no reason to reinvent the wheel.

1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXxeiL8UV4U&feature=player_embedded

2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WM6xbW1DZyM


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In the event you missed it on ONTD_Political, I'm posting this here.

"Death Panels." A most excellent term.

By Roger Ebert
on August 17, 2009 12:37 PM

"Death panels" is such an excellent term. You know exactly what it means, and therefore you know you're against them. Debate over. This term more than anything else seems to have unified the opposition to the Obama health care proposals. It fuels the anger that has essentially shut down "town hall" meetings intended for the discussion of the issues.

Of course the term is inspired by a lie. There are no conceivable plans to form "death panels" or anything like them. The Obama plan, which has some bipartisan support, doesn't seek or desire to get involved in any decisions about who should live and who should die. But now we hear "death panel" repeated so often that the term has taken on a sort of eerie reality, as if it really referred to anything.
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yesterday wrapped up the an 11 day stretch of working 10-16 hour days without a day off. to celebrate i went to the gym for a swim. i love swimming, but it has been five years since i have really been for a swim. riding 2-9 horses a day and lifting weights does not prepare one's upper body for the workout that is swimming. i knew this might be the case, but thought i would try anyway. much to the annoyance of the jock-o frat boy types and middle aged ex-pro style swimmers, i doggie paddled my way through six whole laps (or twelve Olympic sized lane lengths) when i failed to execute my lap favorite - the breast stroke. i had fun and i'm going to go do it again today.

anyway....back from a hiatus maybe?

This will be an experimental style set with a mix of genres.

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+ I liked Seattle a lot more when we all didn't like the same music.

+ When DJs come to town it is not OK to play Smells Like Teen Spirit.

+ Buy this album: N.A.S.A. - The Spirit of Apollo. Check the track listing...seriously. The show tonight was great, except for the part about the people bugging J and I for being too stoic and serious. Fucktards. I'd been meaning to post about this show, but I rarely have time to make entries, or read for that matter.

+ I owe someone a big apology for missing her birthday celebration. A colic threat meant I didn't get home until almost 9:00 that night.

+ I should never address stupid people and their stupidity before 7:00 AM. This includes the annoying types that frequent LJ communities I watch. Also, my grammar is horrendous before I've had coffee.

+ Tomorrow (tonight, really) Michael Gira @ the Tractor in Ballard!

+ The ponies have all been crazy, my own included. I hope tomorrow/today is better because I don't think I can handle another day of pony badness.

+ Jeremiah, it's not goopy.
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Father & Uncle of the year

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I'm still snowed in. This sucks. The internet is not offering nearly enough lulz to keep my amused and I have too much pent up energy to read.

This video is so very, very Seattle. Swiped from well, seattle.

so is this:


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